Foxcroft & Ginger


Only the two of us would travel to the other side of the world and find a ​cafe in the hidden streets of Soho, London with an Australian barista and a synesso.

We stumbled across this place right after trying the cafe recommended by the hostel for supposedly the ‘best’ coffee in town. Well, the hostel was wrong – very wrong, when in fact Foxcroft & Ginger, about 5 doors down, was where everything was at. Perhaps the brochure from the hostel was a bit outdated… ​

Intrigued, we had a quick look ​inside and were left drooling over the unique cakes and slices, colourful salads and thick rustic baguettes. The food was on another level and we knew we had found something brilliant. Having already had lunch that day, we decided to come back the next day for breakfast.

DSCN0350Sure enough, we were back at 8:00am for a big meal before the 6 hour drive to Scotland. Choosing something off the menu took longer than expcted, there were familiar items and new exciting ones I hadn’t seen before. Already onto our second round of coffees, we finally decided what to eat.

Originally going for the usual poachies with avocado, I realised there was always time for that, especially when I can make it myself. So without being a plain Jane (or a predictive Pete) I went for the Feta, Beans and Poached egg with Sourdough (£6.25). Looking over at my boyfriend, he seemed to have the same idea and instead of his usual eggs withavocado and salmon, he went for the boy version of mine – Chorizo, Beans and Poached egg with Sourdough (£6.25)

Expecting it to come on a plate with everything piled on top of the bread, we were

pleasantly surprised with the different arrangement. Rough sliced sourdough (toasted perfectly) sitting next to a cast iron pot, filled generously, all on a thick wooden board. It was steaming hot and smelt wonderful.


A mixture of creamy feta, cherry tomatos and beans, a perfectly poached egg blended with herbs (rosemary and parsley) in a rich tomato sauce. So many flavours and textures meant every bite was different to the one previous. ​

The slices of bread were thick and rough, making me wonder if it was made by hand and cooked in what ever shape to give off the rustic look (precision didn’t seem to matter). It was made in house daily so it was fresh and when it was toasted the edges would crisp but the centre would remain soft – making it perfect for soaking up every last bit of sauce. ​

Having practically identical breakfasts, it was the first time we had eaten out together without tasting each others meals. It was safe to say we both chose well and one was not jealous of the other.  ​


With not much room left, and the Banana Bread (£2.95) in the front cabinet practically calling his name, my boyfriend gave in and ordered a slice toasted. Visible pieces of mashed banana and walnuts looked promising and as I nibbled on a corner, a strong burst of cinnamon and vanilla hit me. This was how I cook my banana bread and I was shocked as to how much flavour was in the tiny piece I had.

My favourite thing about Foxcroft & Ginger were the antique plates and saucers the coffees came on. ​All mixed and matched. The atmosphere of the room was great too – very busy for a quiet street, familiar music and the great Australian accent. It made it feel exactly like a cafe from home. If you ever travel to London and stay near Soho, this cafe is worth the hunt trying to find it. This would definitely be a regular one for me if I lived there.

Foxcroft & Ginger – 3 Berwick St, Soho, London, Greater London W1F 0DR, United Kingdom


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