Huckleberry Finn

ImageIf you’re wondering from the name of the title, no I am not writing about the notoriously adventurous character by Mark Twain, because let’s face it, I cook and therefore read cookbooks, I don’t read novels. I’m talking about a tiny cafe hidden in the somewhat forgotten suburb of Melbourne. I decided to take my boyfriend here as it was a place I had seen and had been wanting to try for quite some time. How I came across it you ask?

 Several weeks back, whilst cruising along Glenferrie road with my windows down and Gold 104 pumping, the beautiful, turquoise La Marzocco in the front window caught my eye and almost caused a 5 car pile up.

Is it strange that an inanimate object can have such an effect on a person? Didn’t think so… And as I have learnt over the years, a La Marzocco is a good indicator of a decent coffee. So on the list it went!

Celebrating our one year anniversary, it was here that I decided we would go for a morning caffeine hit, not knowing the menu too, would be appealing to both of us.

All of your favourites like bircher, fruit toast, smashed avocado and those hilarious shaped goods chickens lay, any way you like, it was nothing like the novel, adventurous and exciting, but still easy to pick from.

Upon entering, I was staring at the gorgeous piece of equipment that had brought me here, whilst I let my boyfriend organise a table with one of the waitresses. Choosing to sit outside, we ordered the standard flat white and long black and were handed our mini clipboard menus. After the less-than-a-minute silence, we had both read the menu in-depth and had already made our decisions. My boyfriend, as could have been predicted, went straight for the fritters, and I went for the simple, but always pleasing poachies on multigrain with smashed avocado.

 It was only then, after ordering food and receiving our coffees, that we actually looked at the decor of the place. High ceilings with lower hanging light bulbs, a black and white colour scheme (which complimented the La Marzocco), and a theme of trees throughout. This placed seemed to know it was doing in terms of interior design.

But before we could really start analysing the place and getting our judgemental hats on, at our table arrived two coffees with a complimentary ‘tiny teddy’. The cups were plain white, nothing cute like the funky ones at places like Three Bags Full or Cru Cafe, however it did not affect the taste.

We both agreed the coffee wasn’t anything amazing, but that it still made the pass. It was hot, strong and there was nothing to complain about. And the food was actually similar – I wouldn’t say lacking in taste, but just ‘wow’ factor. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived as it was exactly what I was looking for. The difference from similar styled cafe was that it wasn’t overly huge or a massive portion that leaves you feel stuffed after wards, but just enough for a simple breakfast, that still allows room for lunch. So if you’re looking for the whole ‘shebang’ maybe order three dishes…or alternatively try somewhere else.

My boyfriend said the corn and zucchini fritters were tasty and satisfying and didn’t leave him feeling like he needed more or had eaten too much. Complete on a bed of rocket with smoked trout, aioli and an added poached egg, he was happy to pay $16.50 for it.

As I nibbled away on the tiny piece of fritter he spared me, I agreed on its flavoursome qualities and would happily order it if I were to return, as well as recommend it to others.

Having more of a simple breakfast, my poached eggs came snuggled together on a single piece of multigrain, big enough to accommodate them both well, with an appropriate serving of smashed avocado to the side. My poached eggs had been sitting in the pot slightly longer than I would have liked, but just enough to still ooze out and soak into my bread. For $12.00 however, I think I would rather pay $14.50 and get the smashed avocado on pumpkin bread at Garage Espresso, or even make it myself at home. But still, it (just) made the pass and contributed to a pleasant morning.

We then went back inside to pay, and whilst looking in the glass cabinets and reading the chalkboard specials,  we decided we could try this place again for lunch next time. The chicken pesto baguette or roasted vegetable wrap looked great as did the little homemade banana bread and assorted sweets.

Overall, Huckleberry Finn is a pleasant spot to have a quick, delicious bite, but nothing your taste buds will love you for.

Huckleberry Finn – 538 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122
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