Olives and White Chocolate – Flavour matching series

If you have ever seen salted chocolate in a supermarket, you’ll find this combination isn’t so unusual. Typically used as a flavour enhancer, salt has an amazing ability to bring out the flavour of sweet foods. In this harmonious pairing, the salt that comes from the olives does exactly that when paired with white chocolate.
When we think of white chocolate, we get sensations of buttery, creamy and sweet vanilla qualities. Olives are naturally bitter and therefore packed in salt and brine in order to make them palatable. The salt is a ‘sharp’ flavour and therefore it ‘cuts’ through the creamy, buttery white chocolate. This intensifies the chocolate flavour and will blow your mind as you eat the two together!

Tip: Next time you set up a cheese board with olives, try putting some thinly sliced white chocolate on the board as well! Your friends might think your crazy, but after explaining and tasting, they will quickly change their minds!

Recipe idea: http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/product/White-Chocolate-And-Olive-Panini-Recipe


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