Eggs and Curry Powder – Flavour matching series

This week as part of my flavour matching series, I decided to include someone that has played an important role in shaping and developing my love for cooking. Nicole Adderley, my year 11 Food Technology teacher, taught me all of the basic principles and made class ridiculously fun and enjoyable, which definitely made me want to continue on and progress in cooking.

When I asked her what her favourite flavour pairings were, she replied with scrambled egg and curry powder.

Unlike her friend, who is obsessed with sweet breakfasts (cue the pancakes drenched in syrup, sugared nuts, ricotta with honey etc), Nicole prefers savoury breakfasts and she strongly believes “it’s not breakfast without eggs”. While she appreciates the effort that goes into poaching an egg, she is a little more eager to eat when she’s hungry with very little fuss, hence why she loves them scrambled.
Recently having experienced an item at a local café with curried scrambled eggs, she took this idea as she wanted to make her breakfasts at home a bit more exciting.
“When I make them at home I add a small amount of diced french shallot to a pan with some butter. Then a good teaspoon of curry powder, before the eggs, in order to toast the spices and permeate the house. Having a marbled curry layer through my eggs not only looks fantastic but tastes delicious especially when I top them with a good smattering of crunchy fresh red chilli, fried shallots and heaps of fresh coriander, topped off with a wedge of lemon to cut through the savoury flavour of the curry and eggs all served on a turkish pide.”
For something extra, sometimes she might add some Meredith Feta as well – for creaminess.
Eggs have a naturally buttery and salty yolk. Compatible in many savoury or sweet dishes, they can be cooked using numerous techniques, and their neutral flavour makes them very versatile.
Curry Powder is actually quite similar. Comprising of many different spices (such as turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, fennel and nutmeg), it is also very versatile and has both earthy and sweet qualities. Matched will the dull, neutral flavour from an egg, the curry powder gives it a bit of kick and most definitely makes breakfast a bit more exciting!
Nicole finished off by saying: “I figured that for a decade in the 70’s curried eggs were all the rage why not bring them back in a new and creative way. Those hippy parents of ours were on to a good thing”.

3 thoughts on “Eggs and Curry Powder – Flavour matching series

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