Touchwood Cafe

1455182_10151980692195295_861068568_nI wish I had more to write about this place… but as it turns out, I was too busy eating to write a post about it earlier..

I have been back to this place about 9 times now, and along with Cru Cafe and Dukes Coffee Roasters, it’s the only other cafe I return to again and again and leave fully satisfied every time.


It’s relatively new, opening up around September, and it takes up a large space on the bottom end of Bridge Road. The space used to be a furniture store that sold beautiful wood dining tables. With its high ceilings, white brick walls, simple furniture and plenty of succulents, the feel of this cafe is relaxed, open and fresh.

Five senses beans means you are guaranteed a good coffee, and the green juice is extremely refreshing (especially after running the tan!) The portion sizes are decent and the pricing is reasonable. I often find these days it is quite hard for larger cafes to have all four elements (food, coffee, service and ambience) of a high standard, however Touchwood seems to know what they are doing and pretty damn good at performing on a consistent level.Β 1476623_10152079376205295_1498702114_n

I’ve got too many photos and experiences to write about this cafe, and all I have to say is please go try it out. There is something for everyone (guaranteed), from peanutbutter and jelly waffles, birchers, grain salads, burgers, baguettes, Β bagels, cakes, fresh juices and eggs.. I could keep going… But for now, here are some pictures Β for you to dribble over πŸ™‚


Morning grain salad with an egg and side of salmon


Mexican bean and grain salad with jalapeno and chicken


Wagyu beef burger with chunky kipflers and paprika aioli


Quinoa and pomegranate salad with lamb skewers

Touchwood on Urbanspoon


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