Fondant Birds


This post is a step by step instruction on how I made my fondant birds for the cupcakes I made for a wedding recently.

After looking around in plenty of baking shops and not quite finding the style of bird that I wanted, I thought I would try and make them myself! It turned out to be pretty easy, and they looked really cute! I made about 40, and it didn’t really take that long, I just watched TV while I made them : ) Keep in mind! I am still really new to fondant so I don’t have much experience!

You will need ready to roll fondant – I used Queen Ready To Roll Frosting Icing White 600g from Woolworths. Depending on what colour you need, you can usually buy the colours ready made, however you can always add food colouring to white fondant, like I have done here.

It also helps to have fondant shaping tools to help blend the wings and make the eyes. You can always use a toothpick if you don’t want to buy these.

So here is a step by step in photos!


Start with a ball


Stretch the ball and create a banana shape. This is also where you shape your bird (the belly, the tail and the beak)


After shaping, you will have something like this


Create two eyes (one on each side) using a toothpick or a fondant tool  


Take two smaller pieces of fondant


Shape each ball of fondant into a tear drop shape. Press it gently onto the side of the bird. You can use a little bit of water as glue, or blend it in using tools.  


Repeat on the other side to make two wings





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