Kitchen Hacks for Home Cooks


Get ready for something that will change you life forever.

I have put together a list of kitchen tips that will not only amaze you, but also make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. I picked up some of these secrets from a few head chefs that I have worked for, whilst others came from a little book titled Keep Calm and Cook On. I encourage you to give these a try next time you’re cooking.

1. Freshness of eggs. There is a simple test you can do in order to determine the freshness of eggs. Simply place the egg in a deep pot full of tap water. If the egg sinks and lies on its side, the egg is fresh. If the egg stands up on the bottom, it is old and if the egg floats to the top, it is off.

2. Separating eggs. Separating yolks from whites using just the eggshells can be quite difficult for some home cooks. Thankfully, a video circulating online has a solution to your problems! Clue, it involves a plastic bottle. You can take a look here

3. Brown sugar. If you’re a baker, you will know how hard and clumpy brown sugar can become. If you don’t remove the rocks, you could end up with unpleasant clumps of sugar in your cakes and biscuits. It was the head chef at Percy’s Aeroplane that helped me with this one. Simply place a piece of bread in the container with your sugar and the moisture in the bread will soften your sugar. You can also use marshmallows.

4. Potatoes. If you have ever over salted a soup, simply throw in a peeled and roughly chopped potato. The potato will soak up most of the salt but you just have to be sure to remove it before serving.

5. Citrus. Be sure to get the most juice out of your citrus by microwaving them on high for 15 seconds. Alternatively, roll them firmly on the bench with the palm of your hand. This breaks the membrane in the flesh and allows juice to come out more easily.

6. Garlic. Simply squash your peeled garlic glove with the blade of your knife. Next, thinly slice the garlic and begin chopping into smaller pieces. Add a pinch of salt and continue chopping finely. The salt will release the juices in the garlic and begin to make a paste. A good guide can be found here

7. Shelling nuts. After the roasting process, place the nuts in the middle of a tea towel. Fold the tea towel in half and bunch up the ends almost to make a large bon-bon. Roll it back and forth thoroughly so that the nuts rub against each other and remove their own skins. I used this technique to make my homemade peanut butter.

I’d love to hear from you if you have anymore tips that I could add to my list! Comment below or email me at : )


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