Must follow Twitter list – Top 10 Foodie Accounts

screen-shot-2012-07-08-at-8-45-25-pmLets talk about Twitter!

Now for those that have Twitter, that’s great! But for those that don’t, because perhaps you find it too confusing, let me reassure you its not.

Twitter doesn’t have to be used for making constant tweets about what your doing at any one time, and you don’t have to be glued to it to check what your favourite celebrity is doing either.

You can simply use it like I do – As a resource for information customised to focus on exactly what I want to read.

By making a Twitter list, I can be informed with the happenings in the food and drink culture around Australia. This specific bunch of Twitter accounts provides me with an abundance of recipes, chef interviews, competitions, cooking tips and the hot tip on new cafes or restaurants opening up. Twitter is updated every second so you can guarantee it is always up to speed with what’s current.

I believe every foodie in Australia (especially Melbourne) should be on Twitter and follow this list. You can also continue to add onto it in order to widen your resources and breadth of knowledge.

These top 10 Food Accounts are a must follow:

@LarissaDubecki – Larrisa Dubecki is a food critic that features weekly in The Age newspaper. She started out as a regular food blogger and has grown to be quite notorious.

@FoodAboutTown – A great Melbourne based food blog featuring a large amount reviews and recipes in many different cuisines.

@GRAMmagazine – A compilation of Australia’s food and drink culture. Featuring reviews, recipes and wines of the month. I try to read as much of the reviews as I can, so I can develop my own reviews.

@EpicureATtheage – Victoria’s award wining food and wine section of The Age newspaper. Constantly updating on what restaurants or cafes are new, interviews with chefs and helpful tips for home cooks.

@Broadsheet_Melb – Popular magazine focusing on new cafes and bars opening up around Melbourne. I am a big coffee drinker, and always on the look out for new cafes to try. Broadsheet led me to write my post on Hawthorn Common.

@HeraldSunFood – Features recipes from (my most used website), news about ingredients in season and restaurant reviews.

@MattsCravat – Most renowned food critic and judge on Masterchef. When I think of being a food critic, I picture Matt Preston’s job.

@goodfoodguide – Tweets about the best places to eat and drink as well as the best meals in Australia.

@SBS_Food – Tweets about upcoming programs, chef interviews, competitions and culinary events.

@jamieoliver – Famous chef tweeting about recipes, competitions and cooking tips. He is my favourite chef because his style of cooking is colourful, simple, rustic and delicious.

Click here to follow my list


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