I had driven past this place several times as it was getting renovated and I always wondered what it was going to become. Previously a small sandwich take-away type store, it’s not very big and probably didn’t get much traffic coming in and out.

It wasn’t until it opened up and the giant SARDI sign caught my eye as I drove past that I thought “oh awesome! A new cafe!”

It was a few weeks later, when I was deciding where to go for brunch, that I did my usual urbanspoon and instagram stalk to check out what kinds of things they had on their menu. It took me about 1 minute to scan the photos and the menu provided on the website and I was hooked. I knew then and there that I would need more than one brunch at this place. (And so far, I’ve been back three times… )

On arrival, I fell in love with the place. They had used the space really well with a beautiful white bench along the left leading into the kitchen, and a long booth type seating on the right. The white walls and chairs look fresh and are complimented by bright coloured seats, cushions and pineapples on the shelving behind the counter.

A La Marzocco machine sits on the bench towards the kitchen and pumps out beautiful Niccolo coffee – a brand of coffee I’ve never had before. The barista makes a beautiful coffee and I get two long blacks nearly every time I go!

One thing about the menu is it has a lot of choices and it actually made it hard to choose what to eat first! I’m not usually one that takes ages to choose, but I had to ask the waitress for a few more minutes so I could decide.

The first time I went, feeling a bit hungry as I watched the girl next to me get the Smashed Avocado put in front of her, I decided to get the same thing. She kind of made my mind up for me.

Smashed avocado on quinoa loaf with lemon, haloumi, pepitas and poached eggs ($16.50). It was a great size – I was so full. And it was beautifully presented. I like the crunch from the pepitas and the saltiness of the haloumi. The eggs were perfect and the bread was great too. I honestly can’t tell you anything that let the dish down.


For my boyfriend, he got the big brekky option – eggs your way with bacon, mushrooms, spinach, tomato & avocado ($19.00) and a Berry Bliss smoothie ($8.50). He said the spinach was some of the best he’s had and he even enjoyed the mushrooms (which he normally doesn’t eat much of). It was a decent size and the streaky bacon looked so tasty from where I was sitting. The berry smoothie came in a cute mason jar with a thick straw (think BubbleCup) and was a perfect blend of mixed berries, coconut milk and lychees. I really want to try the cacao kicker though… almond milk, cacao & Kakadu plum wpi, peanut butter, banana, dates & roasted almonds (YUM!) 

The second time I went to Sardi for brunch was with my twin, and the coffee was on point! We both ordered the acai bowl and as it came out, it looked too good to eat. As the day was heating up, the acai bowl was refreshing but not too cold to hurt sensitive teeth. Once again, perfect sizing, this was surely going to provide me with enough nourishment to get through a day of studying for my upcoming exam. The crunchy granola, toasted coconut, buckinis and pistachios were paired nicely with banana, kiwi fruit and strawberries, and only for $11.00, I’ll definitely be back for another (and another and another.. ).


There’s a cute cabinet near the till, filled with tasty looking sweets including cupcakes, muffins (today was Rocky-Road!), croissants and even paleo cookies. The only thing I wish for this place is that it had bigger tables and a bit more space – they would absolutely kill it!

I’m looking forward to trying the lunch options too – the mixed salad is 100% my kind of thing and the grain salad with slow cooked lamb shoulder sounds mouthwatering. My dad has tried one of the sandwiches here and said it was one of the best he’s ever had. This place really can do no wrong!

Breakfast is served all day with lunch starting at 11:30. The kitchen closes at 3pm and they are open Tuesday to Sunday.

Strongly recommend checking them out  – 111 Church Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122  or @sardicafe on Insta : ) 

Sardi on Urbanspoon


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