Christmas gift idea – Cookie Mix Jars


These baking mix jars are really cute and a great gift to give to someone this holiday season! You can put ingredients in them for brownies, cakes, cookies and slices – it really doesn’t matter! Obviously they don’t contain the wet ingredients, so I plan to make labels for each jar containing the ingredients and methods (so they can continue to make them again and again) and attach it with a cute ribbon. In this post I don’t have a recipe for these jars, however I can link you to a Donna Hay one here which I have used in my pictures. It’s so easy – you just add butter, eggs and vanilla and mix them all together, roll into balls and bake!


Here I have two different sized jars. The jar on the left is just a weee bit small for a full recipe (it is only half a recipe), so I bought bigger ones from Woolworths for only $2 (but you can go anywhere – IKEA date anyone?).

IMG_20141117_132014Even if you don’t gift them to people this year, make them and put them in your kitchen, they look so cute! I want to put everything in jars these days – spices, herbs, nuts and seeds!



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