Sardi (updated)

I’ve been back so many times now that it would only be right if I were to show you more of what they have to offer!

And I’m sorry I can’t even write you a top 3 favorite list because its just impossible to choose!

1. Acai Smoothie Bowl – with toasted buchinis, coconut, chia seeds, goji berries and seasonal fruit ($11.00)


I’ve had this one about 4 times now! So healthy and tastes YUM

2. Banana Bread French Toast – with marscapone, maple roasted pears, salted caramel and almond crumble ($16.00)

IMG_20141123_1256263. Green Smoothie Bowl – Kale, kiwi, mango, coconut milk, chlorophyll and oats topped with seasonal fruits ($13.00)

In the back is the Superfood Breakfast Bowl with asparagus, kale, avocado, buckhinis, chives, lemon & parsley w. poached eggs & almond dukkah ($15.50)

10422377_10152859738940295_5338830630291449007_n4. Trio of Salads ($14.00) with Sweet Potato Fries (ohhh my goodness $7.50)


IMG_20141205_1358295. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder with cypriot grain salad, pomegranate and cumin labneh ($17.50)

10686717_10152825755650295_4338314452889464108_n6. Cacao Kicker – almond milk, cacao and Kakadu plum wpi, peanut butter, banana, dates and roasted almonds ($9.50) I didn’t want this one to end…


And this isn’t even half of it! I am still making my way through the menu, but its so hard to try new things when I already love the things I’ve just posted. I’m at the cafe a few times a week with friends or my brother and sister, it’s such a great place to take people and the staff are truly wonderful : )

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